Center for Science, Technology & Economic Policy

CSTEP research focuses on science policy, scientific labor markets, education policy, state and local economic development, and economic policy.

CSTEP Research

Science Policy and Scientific Labor Markets

CSTEP researchers study diversity in scientific labor markets, high skilled immigration, the relationship between innovation and entrepreneurship, and the economic impact of federal R&D funding. CSTEP Director Donna Ginther has advised the National Academies of Science, the National Institutes of Health, and the Sloan Foundation on the diversity and future of the scientific workforce.

Economic Analysis

Through a systematic program of basic research, IPSR has developed models of impact of alternative tax structures on Kansas business sectors; cost-benefit model to assess property tax abatement decisions by local communities; and models of the longer-term impact of changing public policies or economic conditions. Modeling applications are available to the public on a contract basis.

KU University Center

CSTEP is home to the KU University Center, KU for KS. The purpose of KU for KS is to enhance economic conditions and drive employment in Kansas and the Midwest through unique and pragmatic programs in entrepreneurship, the biosciences, and technology. The University Center is funded by the Economic Development Administration.